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Simple THinking

I enjoy the art of thinking. Thinking is mentally exploring concepts, like walking through a museum; I have a curiosity to visit as many museums as possible. 

However, while a master artist can interpret and understand Picasso's beauty by connecting brushstrokes to hidden symbolism, an unsophisticated fool like me would just say "looks pretty nice".

The same is true for thinking about ideas. There are so many unexplained rhetorics and unexplored narratives surrounding us that we've been conditioned to view ideas as dull on the surface. Therefore, I seek mastery within understanding that allows me to determine the complex applications and connections of any concept. My concluded understandings and thoughts about the world are summarized in these blog posts, without any unanswered questions and unturned possibilities. 

When curiosity is taken advantage of, even the simplest ideas can sprout sophisticated novelties. I hope reading this blog helps you think a little more deeply about the world.


About me

I am a social entrepreneur utilizing education to create opportunities. I believe that a team of capable and genuine people can change the world.

I play competitive chess, cook at home, and practice Wing Chun. I like Formula 1. I like to think, I like to read, and I like trying new things.

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